Spotlight on a young artist

| 22 Feb 2012 | 08:14

Lake Stockholm — Bret Salvatore is a 16-year-old artist whose cartoons and drawings are inspired by ideas as random as TV and conversation. After the sophomore at Jefferson High School sent some of his artwork in, The Advertiser-News posed a few questions to him about his art. Q. What motivates you? A. I am not really sure what motivates me to draw. I draw when I am bored and sometimes I just get the urge to draw. I get an idea and can picture it in my mind and then draw it. Sometimes I will get ideas when I watch a TV show, play a video game or maybe even when I am talking with my friends. And of course my friends help out too. A lot of the time my friends ask me to draw something. Q. Why cartooning? A. I have always liked cartoons, so why not. I can be more creative with a cartoon. It can be whatever I want to make it and it can’t be wrong, especially if I make it up. Q. What are the Radio Active Monkeys? A. The Radio Active Monkeys is an imaginary band.