YMCA, Hardyston work together to encourage health

| 26 Jun 2014 | 01:27

This spring, the Sussex County YMCA, Hardyston Township and Hardyston Middle School worked together to encourage healthy living amongst the middle school students.

Students from the Hardyston Middle School participated in the Hornets Y Club, a program designed to encourage healthy living through sporting activities and learning about healthy habits. The Hornets Y Club hosted 12 Hardyston Middle School students who participated in the program, which included activities such as swimming, kickboxing, archery, lacrosse and volleyball for 2 hours a week, for six consecutive weeks.

“Hardyston Township, under the direction of Manager Marianne Smith has shown tremendous support for the health and well-being of the students of the middle school,” said Jennifer Gardner, executive director of the Sussex County YMCA. “This was a great opportunity to work together with both the town and the middle school to provide this program.”

The students learned that they have abilities that they never realized before. They gained confidence, connected with their friends, learned new skills, were active, engaged and healthy.

For more information on YMCA programs, visit the Welcome Center at 15 Wits End Road in Hardyston, or call (973) 209-9622. Information also is available at www.sussexcountyymca.org.