Sparta girls ski team takes 5th place overall at state championships

Sparta. This was a true team effort by all six varsity racers and a wonderful way to end a prosperous season.

Sparta /
| 26 Feb 2021 | 12:16

The Sparta Varsity Girls Alpine Racing Ski Team made us all proud taking 5th place overall at the 2021 NJISRA State Championships.

The girls finished 4th in slalom and 7th in giant slalom. It took teamwork — all six varsity racers played a major role. The team was one of ten that qualified to race in the championships, a two-day event held at Winter 4 Kids. The first day, Feb. 12, was the giant slalom competition. The second day, Feb. 15 was the slalom competition. The combined team times from both race disciplines determine the overall state champion.

Although the Sparta girls were not as successful at the giant slalom, finishing 7th, they regained their mojo and raced to fourth place at the slalom competition.

When the state championship was over, the team emerged 5th-place winners overall.

Team captain Claudia Calafati and junior Cora Moriarty were our rock in both disciplines at states this year, leading our ski team with a first- or second-fastest combined finish time in each event.

The top three Sparta racers at States were:

1st place — Claudia Calafati 3:06.59

2nd place — Cora Moriarty 3:07.06

3rd place — Gabi Rodek 3:20.79

What I find most impressive is that we did this as a team. This was a true team effort by all six varsity racers and a wonderful way to end a most prosperous season.

Everyone contributed to the overall team time in one discipline race or another during the state championships. These girls can go home proud knowing they all made a difference and they are the reason this team was on the podium all season long. Congratulations Team Sparta – Claudia Calafati, Rachel Young, Rylee Selsor, Cora Moriarty, Madison Campisi, and Gabi Rodek.

Tenafly High School won both race disciplines and took first place overall at the championships with a time of 11:27.61. Ridge finished second with a time of 12:12.07 and Mountain Lakes finished third with a time of 12:18.02. Sparta placed 5th with a team time of 12:42.71.

Congratulations on a wonderful season!