Schels breaks basketball scoring record

HAMBURG. Jackie Schels becomes Wallkill Valley’s all-time leading scorer, topping the 1,723 points of Mike Hern in 2006.

| 21 Feb 2024 | 05:37

Jackie Schels became the all-time leading scorer in basketball at Wallkill Valley Regional High School on Feb. 12.

She broke the record of 1,723 points set by Mike Hern in 2006.

Schels finished the night with 1,727 career points and has at least three more games to play.

Coach Earl Hornyak called that a tremendous accomplishment, especially because her sophomore year was during the coronavirus pandemic, when the schedule only allowed half of the regular games to be played.

She finished the game Feb. 12 with 34 points, 13 rebounds (bringing her rebound total to 1,057), five blocks (bringing her career blocks to 283), four steals (career 215), and one assist (career 295).

Hornyak said it was appropriate that Schels set the record at home against High Point because that team is coached by Gary Ruban, who coached Hern at Wallkill Valley when he set the record.

“It was a great night for Wallkill Valley basketball. An outstanding achievement accomplished by a wonderful all-around individual,” he added.