Local girls soccer team reaches unprecedented heights

| 27 Jul 2021 | 02:59

After 2020 high school soccer season last fall limited by the pandemic, a group of area girls have put all of their efforts into their 2020-21 club soccer season and reached the top of New Jersey and National Rankings.

The World Class FC SCP U19 Black team is made up of girls from 10 surrounding towns in Sussex County and the surrounding areas. Many of the girls are seniors and this was their last youth club season. The team plays its home games at Pope John High School in Sparta.

The team plays in the highly competitive EDP National League. The EDP NL mid-Atlantic region has a number of teams ranked nationally in the top 10 including the number one team in the country at the U19 level.> > The WCFC team recently finished the season ranked 4th in New Jersey and 21st in the United States. This is the highest ranking for any team playing out of Sussex county ever. The team finished third in its NL division, behind the number one team in the country and another team perennially ranked in the top 10 nationally.> > The team racked up a half dozen wins against teams ranked in the top 10 in region including wins against teams that finished #2 in Delaware, #2 in N.Y and #2 and #3 in N.J. The highlight of the season was clearly a thrilling 3-2 victory over N.J. Rush, who finished the year ranked fourth in the U.S. at the National League Showcase tournament.> > The team was known for exceptional defense allowing very few goals with a defense lead by outstanding goalie Leah Demko and Center backs Amy Maurer and Bryn Fitzgerald. The midfield was controlled by Anna Ursin, Gabrielle Ursin and Autumn Slack. The attack was frequently led by midfielder/striker Alexa Krause, who was the team’s leading scorer.> > Coach Jason Crisafulli said he was very pleased for the girls and their success this year. The core of this team begin to form and seventh and eighth grade and additional pieces were added each year. This is a great group of girls who had fun, succeeded and showed great sportsmanship always. Coach Crisafulli said that there is a lot of soccer talent in Northwest Jersey. This team shows that you do not have to travel out of the area to play for a team that can battle at the very highest level of youth soccer.> > The team success has created great opportunity for the girls who are interested in college soccer. All of the girls who wanted to play soccer at the next level have secured collegiate positions. Coach Crisafulli said that he will clearly miss this group of girls. He said they always showed up. They always battled. They simply got better each year as individuals and grew as a team. They were a joy to coach. He said will look forward to seeing them succeed on the next level.>>>>>Thank You for your considerationWorld Class FC / SCP

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-----Original Message-----From: “World Class FC SCP” Sent: Monday, July 26, 2021 1:45pmTo: njoffice@strausnews.comCc: “Jason Crisafulli” Subject: Article> We thought this was news worthy. This is a story about a girls soccer team, mostly from Sussex County – Sparta, Byram, Jefferson, Newton, Vernon and a few other surrounding towns. I will send you a team picture immediately following this e-mail. Please feel free to call with questions.> > PRESS RELEASE – LOCAL GIRLS SOCCER TEAM REACHES UNPRECEDENTED HEIGHTS.> >