Old and in the way

| 22 Feb 2012 | 08:34

Call for E-waste draws antiquated electronics equipment from attics across Sussex County Lafayette — What was once state of the art is now the raw material for the next generation of home electronics. The Sussex County Municipal Utilities Authority held an electronics waste recycling day on Saturday and as these photos show, it was a hit. “The SCMUA has found companies that would certify that they accept and properly de-manufacture electronics in an environmentally acceptable manner,” said Reenee Casapulla. She’s the recycling and marketing coordinator at the SCMUA facility in Lafayette, where recycling events like this one as well as recycling days for paper are regularly held. “Generally (these companies) operate in the United States vs. shipping waste overseas for processing,” she said. The Lafayette facility has experienced a noticeable drop in total waste that will allow the facility to operate for a year past its planned closing date. “One undesirable effect of less of waste is the depressed prices for marketable commodities such as glass, metal and paper,” said Casapulla. The E-Waste day is held twice a year with no fee to accept up to five items. “We have to hold residents to five items as the companies have raised their rates for processing this waste,” she said.