Looking for a poker hand in the cards of a psychic reader

| 21 Feb 2012 | 10:51

    Each of my unconventional assignments is usually accompanied by some words of wisdom from my editor. This time was no exception. As I embark on my latest assignment of visiting a psychic reader, his advice of "don't ask anything you really don't want to know the answer to" is repeating over and over in my mind, like a low-grade headache. I'm not sure I want to know anything. Well, nothing dark or dreary anyway, and definitely not morbid. I've learned to live by the element of surprise. My life is filled with people who surprise me on a daily basis. The last time I did anything like this, I was in my 20s and my adult life was just beginning to unfold in front of me, and I was so ready for it. It was a wonderful, carefree time. I was bright eyed and naïve about the world, the world I thought I would help save. My questions and concerns at the time were light hearted and positive, filled with enthusiasm for the future that I was so eager to begin. Gosh, who was that? Did I mention I was a little naïve back then? Anyway, I came across information, scribbled on a piece of paper about that particular psychic reading years after it took place and was astounded when I realized most of it had actually come true. I am now in my…well, let's just say in order to keep that element of surprise going, that I now have a few years of life experience under my belt. I've mellowed a bit, and have a clearer picture of life. At least I think I do. So, what do I want to know about my future, that I don‘t already know or planned and prepared for? Years ago, because of my age at the time it was all about my prospective love life, marriage, babies, career, me, me, me! Well, I'm still in love, will never marry again, and after three kids, to utter the phrase "I'm expecting" in my house better be followed by the words … the UPS man. There! Future told! My palms are sweaty as if I've come to class unprepared when I meet the psychic reader, Corrine from Newton, the reader, isn't what I expected. She is young with an infectious giggle. Although she is dressed all in black, she appears quite normal, an average Joe (Ann) type. Right away I feel comfortable with her. Her surroundings are more like a living room and less like the stereotypical psychics place of business. No crystal ball, no hanging beads, no ancient tapestries or decorative head coverings. According to Corrine, who prefers I not mention her last name, thinks people feel more comfortable in such a setting, but laughs when she admits that most people do expect the Hollywood set version. As we sit down, the tarot cards, depicting my life, are laid out. We stare at them, and I hold my breath waiting for a response from her. She's silent and really studying these cards. Now I'm feeling warm all over. Oh no. What does she see? Immediately I search her face for clues. None. Not a grimace, not a smile, nothing. This is definitely not like it was 20 years ago. I'm feeling too old for this, too vulnerable … I decide that now is the time to tell her that I don't want to hear anything pertaining to the schedule of the Grim Reaper. As I open my mouth to speak she looks me in the eye and says "You have a long life ahead of you." Yes! Thank you God! I'm anxiously whispering to myself as Corrine quickly gazes back at the cards. Did she know what I was thinking just then, or does she have great timing? That moment was quite a relief and yes, a bit eerie, I will admit. Now, I'm starting to get into this. I'm painstakingly listening to every word she is saying. And I'm amazed at how familiar she seems to be with my life. Two decades years after my first reading, I'm now hearing words like karma, and aura. I had no idea I had either one, or if I even wanted them for that matter. My karma is positive, but my aura, which is a type of filter for my energy is a bit dim. It seems that I have energy that is not being used to its full potential. This thought is exciting, yet exhausting at the same time. I'm thrilled to hear that I have additional energy. But, I'd like to know where it's been hiding, and when will I ever have any extra time to use it? Corrine clarifies that it isn't that kind of energy, it's more spiritual in nature. Later I'm asked the dreaded question. Do I have anything I'd like to ask her? Without a second of hesitation I blurt out "My children, what about my children?" I'm comforted to hear that they are all going to be okay, in life I presume. "One however," she continues, "will always give you concern." No psychic degree needed for that news. Still, it was again, a bit eerie, being so, "close to home." These little psychic moments continued throughout our session, holding my interest and prompting me to ask more and more questions, about, you guessed it, me! How often can you say you've sat with someone who is there to focus on you and your life and concerns without interjecting any sidebar conversations about anything else. I say rarely. This was one of those times. Corrine believes she has a gift from God and wants her clients to feel positive about finding resolutions to problems and conflicts in life. She has clients who are interested in finding the answer to one issue. Some come for entertainment purposes only. Others are in search of what Corinne calls life counseling on a higher more spiritual level. Still others are regulars, reserving sessions on a consistent, usually weekly basis to address daily issues. Corrine is upfront in admitting she can not interfere with what she refers to as God's Will. But she will try to prepare a client for what she sees as a life changing event. She will advise clients before, during and after such an event to provide comfort and direction. For me this was not life-altering, but rather interesting and fun. I am curious about people, especially those who claim, and appear to poses a gift. I left feeling relieved, informed, understood and yes, a little amazed. Amazed that this woman seemed to have access, a connection on some higher level to all that personal data, my data! Later on, I found myself reflecting back on the last 20 years. But mostly I think I felt grateful for my life, my accomplishments and my family. After all, a lot has happened in my life since my last psychic reading and hey, who knows what's going to happen in the next 20 years, until my next visit with the likes of Corrine