Who’s Who at the Fair

| 25 Jul 2022 | 12:00

JC Cowell

JC Cowell is a member of the New Jersey State Fair’s executive committee. He is active in the Beekeepers/Honey Show and Exhibit at the Fair. Cowell is best known as “the man in the cage of bees” where he educates the fairgoers about the habits of bees while keeping them company in a screened in enclosure.

Lois Kinney

Lois Kinney is a Director at the Fair and serves on the Executive Board. She has been on the Queen/Little Royals committee for 11 years and chair for nine of those years. She also chairs the Talent Show. Her favorite part of the Fair is the Queen pageant.

Asked if she was ever in the Queen of the Fair pageant Kinney said “sadly no, but I was 1st runner up in the Miss Frankford pageant in 1967.” She says she’s submitted her photography and needle point work throughout the years and her son entered various articles through the 4H club. Kinney says he won more 1st place ribbons than she did and that her mother won four – 2nd place ribbons for her homemade pickles.

Becky Kinney-Nagy

Becky Kinney-Nagy is the president of the Sussex County Horse Show and has been on the horse show committee for 23 years. As president, she plans all aspects of the show, not just during fair week, but all year long, making it her favorite part of the fair.

Erik Kunz

Along with his wife, Erik Kunz has been a member of the horse show committee for six years, but began his involvement with the fair 16 years ago. He helps set up the horse shows and performs repairs on the buildings and grounds. He enjoys meeting up with long-time exhibitors each year and catching up with their families.

Paige Lockburner

Paige Lockburner is in charge of the Milking Parlor. She oversees staffing and upkeep. Paige is co-leader of the Cow Kids, a 4-H prep club that learns about dairy. She and her husband run DebMark Holsteins in Hampton Township with dairy cows and produce.

Cheryll Post

Cheryll Post is the treasurer of the horse show. She has been treasurer for two years, and has volunteered with the fair for 10 years. Because she spends so much time planning the horse shows, they are her favorite part of the fair, along with the livestock exhibits.

Lynn Prtorich

Lynn Prtorich has been the long time chair of the vegetable show in the Greenhouse. She oversees the annual Scarecrow competition with its People’s Choice component. Lynn is currently on the executive committee and serves as the Recording Secretary.

Dennis Sensale

Dennis Sensale is the president of the fair’s agricultural division. He has been involved with the fair for 30 years. While his favorite part of the fair is the livestock shows, he also loves reuniting with everyone who is involved with the shows, because it feels like a family reunion.

Suzanne Struble

Suzanne Struble is the director of the fair’s fine art exhibit, “Art in Sussex County.” While she has been the director for 31 years, she has been on the exhibit’s committee for 45 years. Her favorite part of the fair is the volunteers, as she is able to meet new people and make new friends while simultaneously displaying the talented artists of Sussex County.

Nora Swanson

Fair gardener Nora Swanson helps maintain the colorful gardens. In addition, as 4H dairy director for the past four years, she helped organize fair week 4H dairy show. She says the best part of the fair is exhibiting the animals as family. She’s thankful the long standing tradition of box seats for the house ring is returning this year.

Barbara Thomas

Barbara Thomas is the director of the fair’s creative arts for home and hobby division. While she has been the director for over 10 years, she has been involved with the fair for around 20 years. Her favorite part of the fair is her division, creative arts for home and hobby, but she also loves to watch friends and family come together every year.

Howard “Doc” Worts

Howard “Doc” Worts is the vice president of the fair, as well as the director of admissions and a former Fair President. He has been associated with the fair since it was located in Branchville 50 years ago. Although it is hard for him to pinpoint what his favorite part of the fair is, he enjoys the fact that there is something for everyone, from food and carnival rides, to monster truck shows and farm animals.