Wantage school hosts math carnival

| 12 Jun 2017 | 10:37

It’s nearing the end of another school year, the first day of June, and the students at the Wantage School were treated to a special event — a Math Carnival.  
More than just a set of worksheets, the students were actively playing games outside, and doing math — with every game led by a High Point Regional High School student. This was collaboration at its best — student helping student — imparting the love of all things mathematical.
Students from High Point’s Algebra II Honors class as well as various folks from AP Statistics joined their teachers, Mrs. Jill Retz and Mrs. Sue Moss in a day filled with Math, prizes, fun, and laughter.
As the Wantage third-, fourth- and fifth-grade students came out to participate, the high school students came alive — hawking their games and activities attempting to attract as many participants as possible.
Wheels of Fortune, Bean Bag Tosses, Obstacle Courses, and Relay Races were spread throughout the playground area for work with problem solving. Running the Gauntlet and Around the World games highlighted math fact fluency and automaticity. PVC pipes and elbows were used for building area, perimeter, and volume models and then, solving the question of “how much”.  
Model boat building and racing, as well as Origami paper folding brought an aspect of engineering into the mix – STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math).  
Add water for an Estimation Station and the ever-present Duck Hunt and Fishing Ponds, combine with a beautiful spring day, and 350 students of all ages and you get the perfect gathering for Math Enrichment.