Voting machines bill vetoed in fight over election changes

| 08 Jul 2019 | 02:19

    Pennsylvania's governor is vetoing legislation that carried $90 million to help counties buy new voting machines before 2020's elections, but ordered changes to election laws that the Democrat says don't help improve voting security or access.
    Gov. Tom Wolf issued the veto on July 5. It passed the Republican-controlled Legislature the previous week. Just seven Democrats voted for it.
    Wolf began pressing counties last year to replace their voting machines after federal authorities warned Pennsylvania and other states that Russian hackers targeted them during 2016's presidential election.
    One provision eliminates the straight-party ticket voting option on ballots. Wolf says that could lead to voter confusion and longer lines at polls.
    Wolf says he's still committed to helping counties pay for voting machines and that more should be done to make it easier to vote.