Treatment scheduled for Heater's Pond

Ogdensburg. Treatment of pond area will be completed for $500 and permits will allow hydro-raking to clean up swim area.

| 09 Sep 2019 | 01:13

Council President Michael Nardini said on Aug. 26 that Aquatic Analysis will complete one weed treatment in Heater’s Pond for under $500.

He added the state permits will allow hydro-raking to clean up around the swim area and single channel in the back of the pond, in order to provide more circulation.

Councilwoman Rachel Slater said Mayor George Hutnick, Borough Clerk Robin Hough, and she have received the updated Ogdensburg Employee Handbook and will review it.

Councilman Peter Opilla brought to the council’s attention a repair need at the Bettino Drive cul de sac curbing and storm drain. He explained weeds currently grow about 10 feet from the curb, and the storm drain has started to collapse into the ground. Opilla was concerned children or adults could get hurt in the area.

Slater recommended Bruno Associates, the grant writer, look into the four available storm drain grants in order to pay for the repairs.

Hutnick said he met with Van Cleef Engineering, who will prepare plans to fully repair Predmore Road. He said the repairs will be costly, but the problems need to be fixed properly. Additionally, he continued, the repairs possibly could need permits for a water body diversion.

Slater said a DPW employee was resigning, which would leave two full-time and one part-time employees. She recommended offering the current part-time employee a full-time position. Furthermore, Slater said the council would need to find out why the individual resigned; and she recommended advertising for another part-time position in order to maintain the recent progress.