The river's much cleaner now, thanks to Kittatinny Canoes and their plucky volunteers

| 22 Jul 2019 | 03:31

    By Frances Ruth Harris
    The river is much cleaner now, after volunteers in 15 canoes paddled the Upper and Middle Delaware last week as part of Kittatinny Canoes' 30th annual cleanup.
    The volunteers spent July 15 and 16 picking up all manner of trash — discarded items, rotted garbage, and especially tires, which were stacked here and there in giant piles. Junk lying on the banks and floating in the water were easier to pluck than the stuff imbedded in beaches and shorelines.
    Kittatinny Canoes' owner, Ruth Jones, supervised the operation and, afterward, provided a delicious dinner for the volunteers at the Dingman Bridge Park.
    Volunteers Calla Sandt and her father, Kevin Sandt, said a huge volume of trash was deposited in piles for later pickup and proper disposal.
    Calla's mom, Kathleen Sandt, spokesperson for The Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area, took pictures. She noted the tremendous progress the volunteers were making.
    Jones awarded certificates of appreciation. And everyone cheered, happy that the Delaware is now so much cleaner — thanks to the volunteer crew that worked so hard to make it happen.