Sussex County agency schedules an electronic waste collection day

| 17 Jul 2019 | 12:23

The Sussex County County Municipal Utilities Authoriy (SCMUA) has partnered with Electronics Recyclers International (ERI) to provide an E-Waste Collection Event on Saturday, July 20th from 7 a.m.-2 p.m. ERI transports the electronic material to their designated facility for proper demanufacturing and recycling.
“As computers, televisions and other electronic media are upgraded, more items are being disposed of, or stored improperly. The SCMUA provides Sussex County residents and businesses with a community-based approach to prevent electronic products from entering the waste stream,” said SCMUA Executive Director Tom Varro.
Used consumer electronics could harm the environment if disposed of improperly. E-Waste contains lead, mercury, nickel, cadmium and other hazardous materials. Improper disposal, and/or putting E-Waste out with the regular trash could pose a risk to people, animals and the environment. In planning for E-Waste Recycling in Sussex County, the SCMUA has worked with local municipalities, businesses, schools and residents to increase awareness of the program.
To discourage residents from disposing of E-Waste in the garbage or other improper disposal, The SCMUA manages a daily drop-off program at the Residents Convenience Center (disposal rates apply), and also hosts these free E-Waste Recycling Events at the Solid Waste/Recycling facility, in Lafayette throughout the year.
PLEASE NOTE: Air Conditioners, motorized equipment or other household appliances are not considered E-Waste and are not accepted as part of the E-Waste Recycling Events; they can be brought to the SCMUA any day.
Please contact the SCMUA directly for more information @ 973-579-6998 or