Students return practicing ‘The Glen Meadow Way’

Vernon. Students, faculty, and staff were happy to return, as they adjusted to the temperature checks and one-way hallways, and reconnected with friends.

| 15 Sep 2020 | 11:54

The first day of the 2020-21 school year was different at Glen Meadow Middle School, but students were very happy to return. Everything went smoothly, as students had their temperatures taken and wore masks. And everyone quickly adjusted to the one-way hallways and stairwells.

“This year will be different for all of us,” said Principal Rosemary Gebhardt. “Some of the students will be learning in person, called hybrid learning, and some will be exclusively virtual.”

Furthermore, the students were divided into Blue and Gold Teams. The first day, Tuesday, Sept. 8, the Blue Team attended in person, while the Gold Team received virtual instruction via Schoology from their respective teachers. On Sept. 9, the Gold Team attended school, and the Blue Team received virtual instruction.

“Schoology” is an on-line communication system that allows teachers to teach virtually and post assignments to their classroom page for students to complete and receive feedback.

Gebhardt said Glen Meadow believes in teaching the whole child. Students are growing academically, socially, and emotionally. They receive a strong academic foundation, as well as experiences outside the classroom, to provide a successful transition to high school. Glen Meadow offers the arts, athletics, and numerous after school clubs and activities.

Gebhardt said they will continue to follow the “Glen Meadow Way,” whether students are learning on-line or in person: Respect yourself and others. Take responsibility for your actions. Reach your 100 percent. This year the students will also practice the “Five P’s”: Be Prompt. Be Prepared. Be Polite. Be Positive. Be Productive.

Gebhardt encourages everyone to follow the Glen Meadow Blog, which is updated regularly with activities, events, news, and information.

Glen Meadow had a virtual Back-to-School Night on Sept. 4. Also, sixth graders could access a 13-part orientation video series through Vernon Township High School Studios, “Glen Meadow’s Declassified School Survival Guide,” uploaded to YouTube. Seventh and Eighth grade student leaders developed and presented the videos.

In the second orientation video, Assistant Principal Dr. Eric Kosek said everyone -- Gebhardt, teachers, and staff -- had missed the students, and they were looking forward to seeing them again.

“The Glen Meadow Way”:
Respect yourself and others
Take responsibility for your actions
Reach your 100 percent
The “Five P’s”:
Be Prompt
Be Prepared
Be Polite
Be Positive
Be Productive