State to euthanize 90,000 brook trout

| 25 Apr 2014 | 01:34

    The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Divsiion of Fish and Wildlife will euthanize the last remaining raceway of brook trout reared for stocking after they tested positive for the bacteria taht causes Furunculosis at the Pequest Trout Hatchery.

    These 90,000 brook trout were scheduled to be distributed throughout the state over the two remaining weeks of the modified 2014 spring trout season. Despite their recent treatment with antibiotics, the fish must now be euthanized as per the state's fish health policy.

    Of the three species of trout affected by the disease, brook trout proved to be the most difficult to treat. The loss of these brook trout will result in the cancellation of the remaining scheduled stockings on 64 warmwater lakes and ponds.

    The division will stock 44,000 rainbow trout over this week and next.