State, partners receive federal grants

| 02 Jul 2019 | 04:35

    The State of New Jersey has been awarded grant funding by the U.S. Department of Labor (USDOL) to expand successful apprenticeship programs, while two public-private consortiums will share sector-based apprenticeship grants.
    The NJ Department of Labor and Workforce Development (NJDOL) will receive approximately $1.7 million over the next three years through the USDOL’s Apprenticeship State Expansion grant. NJDOL’s Office of Apprenticeship will use funds to further develop, and create new, earn-while-you-learn opportunities in three of the state’s most in-demand industry sectors: Information Technology, Advanced Manufacturing, and Health Care.
    “Investing in our workforce is essential for continued economic growth in the Garden State,” Gov. Phil Murphy said. "My administration’s efforts and these public-private partnerships will enable resources and training for our residents that will establish a pipeline of talented workers, creating a stronger and fairer New Jersey."
    “One of this administration’s top priorities is to build a future workforce that is skilled, nimble, and responsive to employers’ needs,” said Labor Commissioner Robert Asaro-Angelo. “There is no better way to do that than through apprenticeship. We are so proud of the work being done by our Office of Apprenticeship and the USDOL’s New Jersey Office of Apprenticeship as we build capacity among our industry partners and engage more young workers in the viable career path of apprenticeship.”
    “All students in New Jersey should have access to engage in work outside of the classroom related to their field of study, and apprenticeships give students meaningful exposure to build skills that prepare them for success after graduation,” said Secretary of Higher Education Zakiya Smith Ellis. “We’re excited that New Jersey has multiple grant recipients to continue to expand experiential learning opportunities for students to work with potential employers. Students, employers, and the state economy will benefit from this innovative collaboration.”
    “Expanding New Jersey’s apprenticeship programs in high-growth sectors like information technology, advanced manufacturing, and health care will help to ensure the State has the right talent pool to meet employers’ needs for the jobs of tomorrow,” said New Jersey Economic Development Authority Chief Executive Officer Tim Sullivan. “Creating public-private partnerships to empower the next generation of workers not only spurs opportunities for those that that go through the training, but also highlights a commitment by New Jersey companies to invest in the success of our state and its people.”
    Funding comes from the USDOL who this week awarded $183.8 million to support the development and expansion of apprenticeships for educational institutions partnering with companies that provide a funding match.
    The Scaling Apprenticeship Through Sector-Based Strategies grants went to 23 public/private apprenticeship programs across the country. In the health care sector, Bergen County Community College with it partners, NJ Council of County Colleges, CVS Health, and five health care companies received funding. In the advanced manufacturing sector, the County College of Morris with seven community college partners, the German American Chamber of Commerce, Siemens, UPS, and five additional employer partners were awarded a grant.
    New Jersey Institute of Technology, in a partnership led by the Pennsylvania College of Technology, with four associations and seven advanced manufacturing firms, also received funding.
    New Jersey was one of three states with multiple grant recipients. The funding amounts were not immediately available.
    The funding will support the diversification of apprenticeship programs nationwide and advance the integration of Registered Apprenticeship programs into New Jersey’s state workforce development system as a viable career path for youths, adults, and job seekers of all skill levels.