Sparta Camera Club names ‘Image of the Year’

SPARTA. The Sparta Camera Club has named a photograph, “Scarlet Tanager” by Leesa Beckman as the best image of the year. It was a photo that symbolized the arrival of spring and lifted everyone’s spirits.

| 09 Jun 2020 | 04:19

The Sparta Camera Club held the online “Image of the Year” competition on Wednesday, May 27.

There were 110 entries that were judged by a panel of three judges. The winner of the competition, a photo of a Scarlet Tanager by Leesa Beckman, lifted everyone’s spirits with a photo that symbolized the arrival of spring.

The other division-winning photos were ‘Bridges’ by Virginia Koldstad, ‘Looking for Nuts’ by Bruce Ryerson, and ‘Bee on Echinacea’ by Linda Meek.

Leesa, the winner of the competition is a well-known area artist. She is the author of four children’s books featuring Oliver the Sebastopol goose. Her photographs frequently appear in print and have won a number of competitions including the Sussex County Arts and Heritage Council’s XPOSE, the Lusscroft Farms Benefit, the Ringwood and Salmagundi Gallery photo competitions. Her photograph, “On the Prowl in NYC” is on exhibit in the new entrance to the observatory of the Empire State. Building.

1. Scarlet Tanager by Leesa Beckman
2. Looking for Nuts, by Bruce Ryerson
3. Bee on Echinacea by Linda Meek