School board spotlights students

HAMBURG. Those chosen as Students of the Month for February and March are honored.

| 11 Apr 2023 | 09:40

The Students of the Month were celebrated at the Hamburg Board of Education meeting March 30 and more than 40 family members watched the children receive their awards.

Third-grader Ronald Chase and seventh-grader Evangelina Leyson were chosen for February.

Ronald’s teachers said he is respectful and kind, helps other people, has a positive attitude and follows school rules.

One teacher said, “Ronnie Chase is curious about many things. He listens well during lessons and asks questions that make us all wonder. He’s always willing to help others, and Ronnie is a wonderful friend and third-grade student.”

One of Evangelina’s teachers said she is a pleasure to have in math and homeroom. “She is always polite and respectful. Evangelina gets along well with her classmates and is very mindful of following all the school rules. Evangelina is an excellent role model for her peers and a joy to have in class.”

For March, preschool students Joanna Melvin and Maggie Sarkisan were honored.

Joanna’s teachers said she can be trusted and sets a quiet example for others to follow. “She is kind and friendly. Joanna loves to help her teachers in the classroom and participates in activities with everyone.”

Maggie’s teachers said she is a happy student with an awesome smile and a great sense of humor. “She is always kind and has learned to share well.”

When a classmate is crying or having a bad day, Maggie always goes to that student and tries to console them by talking to them, rubbing their back or offering them a toy, the teachers said.

Also honored for March were kindergarten student Lennon Suk, first-grader Carsen Luedtke, second-grader Massimo Fioranelli, third-grader Nicholas Ramos, fourth-graders Madison Weite and Jayden Pettiford, fifth-grader Yussef Haidar, sixth-grader Alyiah Swift, seventh-grader Michael Stickley and eighth-grader Desiree Stiles-Perez.

Lennon’s teachers said she is thoughtful, kind and hard working. “Lennon has made improvements in the classroom due to her hard work and the effort she puts forth each day.”

Carsen’s teachers said she is always the first to help any of her classmates who need assistance. “Carsen is always striving to do her best and her efforts in class are recognized. She is vocal when she feels that someone has been wronged and is truthful to her word.”

Massimo’s teachers said he is a strong leader who knows how to problem-solve outside of the box, which often helps him and his classmates find innovative solutions to everyday problems within the classroom.

Madison’s teachers said she is prepared for all activities and is kind, respectful and hard-working. “She collaborates with her classmates and helps those who feel out of place. Madison is a great role model.”

Jayden’s teachers said he has made significant progress. “He’s a positive role model for his friends and leads by example. Jayden shows empathy to others.”

Yussef’s teachers called him an exemplary student. “He is a member of the safety patrol and takes his role very seriously. In the afternoon, Yussef is charged with escorting the younger students out of the building and always does so with the utmost care.”

Alyiah’s teachers said she always comes prepared for class and has grown academically and socially. When she first came to the school, she was shy and quiet and now she has a group of friends that she interacts with daily.

Michael’s teachers said he is a creative person who puts a lot of effort into his work. “His artwork allows him to be a role model for other students. He’s polite and well-rounded.”

Robert Jones, the board president, distributed certificates to the students.