SCCC trustee steps down

| 24 Jul 2014 | 02:29

    — Sussex County Community College Board of Trustees member Glen Vetrano announced his resignation Wednesday from his position on the board of trustees, according to a college news release.

    Vetrano holds one of the two governor appointed positions. He joined the 11-member board in 2010.

    “I advised that I would not be a candidate for reappointment to the Sussex County Community College Board once my term expires later this year. I have decided that it would be appropriate for me to step aside at this time,” Vetrano wrote in the release.

    The decision to resign comes after reports in the New Jersey Herald which cite a conflict of interest with Vetrano's involvement as a board member with CP Engineers, the release states.

    CP Engineers was hired by the college to oversee all associated work related to the renovation of the Student Center Building, according to the news release.

    “I had expressed a desire to step down before these misleading allegations surfaced. I feel it is appropriate at this time to dispel any conflict of interest as essential construction work begins on the building. The focus should remain on the safety of the students and their educational opportunities, which remains first and foremost,” Vetrano wrote in the release.

    “I have not received salary or compensation from CP Engineers based on work related to Sussex County Community College. Unrelated to the College, however, I have in fact received a modest stipend [approximately $13,000 annually] as an advisor to the company since its inception in 2012. In this advisory role to CP Engineers, I have not provided any counsel regarding the firm’s dealings with Sussex County Community College,” Vetrano wrote.

    Vice Chair of the Board of Trustees Lorraine Parker said, “Glen has brought a number of programs to the college that are about to come to fruition. He has volunteered his time at various events on campus such as the 9/11 Memorial Ceremony as well as many other activities. He has been an asset to the College for the past four years.”

    Vetrano is a retired battalion chief for the Paterson Fire Department and served the department for 25 years. He also served on the Sussex County Freeholder Board for over nine years, according to the release.

    Vetrano looks to focus his attention on the positive aspects of the college.

    “Sussex County Community College has gone through many changes in the past several years. It is necessary to recognize this institution as a pivotal cornerstone of the community of Sussex County and beyond. The College serves to educate our students and provide them with the skills necessary to transfer or enter the workforce,” Vetrano wrote.

    According to the release, Vetrano said he feels his decision to volunteer and serve on the Board of Trustees for Sussex County Community College was the best way to contribute his time and help move the academic and community agendas forward.