Reporters enjoy a spectacular, soapy adventure at Bubble Babez

| 16 Jul 2019 | 03:02

By DVE-News/TV
On a beautiful spring day, reporters from Delaware Valley Elementary School took a return trip to Bubble Babez to interview Ms. Nikki Davis once again. We were struck by the awesome scents we smelled as soon as we walked in. She had a table set up for us to make bath bombs. We got to choose the scents we liked, and the colors we wanted. We had to prepare ourselves by putting on face masks and gloves.
First, we had to mix baking soda and citric acid in a bowl. We then added food coloring and the fragrances we chose. Then we immediately mixed it all together for a while until it became the consistency of wet sand. We were then ready to make our bath bombs! We got to make four different bombs and she gave us baskets to put them in. We helped her clean up. Then we got the chance to interview her again.
The interview went well. Jaida started us off. She asked Ms. Davis how she makes her soaps from scratch using natural ingredients. She responded that all soaps need to have lye, fragrance, and essential oils. She makes different kinds based on what people like.
When Kelsey asked how long it took to make bath bombs from start to finish, she said it took about a half hour. Kelsey then asked which bath bomb was the most popular. Tthe Unicorn Frappuccino was the winner. When asked about her natural ingredients, she mentioned that she buys her essential oils based on price and quality.
Complicated bath bombs
Cara then began her questions. She asked what products are the most complicated to make. She answered bath bombs that have unique shapes. They are harder to make because they can break easily. Which bath bombs take the longest? Ms. Davis said it was the same bath bombs for the same reasons.
It was then Julia’s turn to interview Ms. Davis. She asked when she makes products how does she decide which products to use. She likes the ones that have the best scents and best quality. Were there were any ingredients you cannot put together? Ms. Davis said lye and citric acid because it can explode.
Jessalyn asked if Ms. Davis takes suggestions for different varieties of scents even though they are not her ideas. She most definitely said yes because she wants to please her customers. When asked has Bubble Babez lived up to her dreams and expectations, she said no, because she just kind of fell into doing this. It was not originally a dream of hers.
When asked if anyone else had additional questions, Cara asked if Ms. Davis changed her products seasonally. She said yes. She changes the scents, the themes and the varieties throughout the year.
We then shopped and checked out all of Bubble Babez’s products. We enjoyed our follow up visit and will be sure to check out her shop again. Thank you Ms. Davis!
The Bubble Babez interview was by DVE-News/TV reporters Cara Johnson, Jessalyn Lugo, Julia Boronow, Kelsey Cassidy, and Jaida Palacios.