Please help baby Evie recover from pit bull attack

| 04 Oct 2021 | 07:29

Editor’s note: This message to the community was posted on GoFundMe ( to help the family of a little girl in Vernon.

My name is Catherine. I am starting this go fund me for my boyfriend Shaun’s beautiful three year old niece Evie.

Shaun’s sister Kali, her boyfriend Eric, and their two daughters just recently moved to New Jersey from Florida. While at a friend’s home, the friend’s dog severely attacked their three year old daughter Evie. Evie was Medevaced twice once to Morristown, now to Philadelphia.

The extent of her injuries are severe. She is extremely lucky to be alive but did suffer serious injuries. Her lung has collapsed, and she has multiple lacerations to her face, loss of her nose and her ear. This will require extensive plastic surgery for facial reconstruction, amongst many other medical procedures.

In addition to this, Kali and Eric were trying extremely hard to save their baby girl, and in the process, they were attacked as well, which required medical attention. We are unsure how long Evie will be in Philadelphia, although we are being told it will be a while.

This is such a tragic incident. We are trying to help them as much as possible so they don’t have to worry to much financially and can just focus on their baby girl’s recovery. We have opened a donation account for Evie. We will be using the donations to assist Evie with future medical costs not covered by insurance, assist the family with commuting back and forth to CHOP, and help pay their personal expenses while they are out of work due to this incident.

Anything you can give is very much appreciated, even if you can not afford to give anything please just share. God bless you all.

Catherine Siedel