One-lane traffic pattern in place for Berkshire Valley Road

| 16 Aug 2021 | 07:01

    Jefferson. The replacement of a Morris County-owned bridge on Berkshire Valley Road in Jefferson Township near Longwood Lake has restricted traffic to one lane.

    A single lane will maintained for the duration of the six-month project. Anyone driving vehicles exceeding 11-feet wide are urged to find alternate routes. The bridge, which spans a 60-inch reinforced concrete culvert pipe carrying a tributary to Longwood Lake, was last upgraded in 1970.

    Morris County is replacing the existing span and both roadway approaches in the $835,000 project because of defects that include cracking and small breaks in the approaching roadway, as well as settlements and some collision damage to the existing guide rails. An estimated 9,300 vehicles cross daily over the 36-foot-wide, two-lane roadway, which leads north and south.

    The project was initially stopped shortly after it started in October 2020 because of delays in construction of a culvert and the relocation of an existing gas main at the site.