Ogdensburg water-meter project nearly complete

| 14 May 2014 | 11:56

    About 100 homes in the borough still need to have their new water meters installed to to make themselves up-to-date with borough ordinances.

    Residents who have not yet had their new meter installed are inviolation of borough ordinance 9-11.1 and the township council is urging those residents to contact the borough.

    "We've made good progress, but we need to finish the installations, and the sooner the better," Mayor Steve Ciasullo said at Monday's Borough Council meeting. "I know it may be difficult for some residents to schedule this, but communication is key. If residents contact us, we'll find a solution that works for everyone."

    The borough sent letters to those residents that don't have new the new water meters in place, and that helped spur some to schedule their installations.

    According to Department of Public Works Supervisor Chris Ross, about 10 installations are happening each week.

    "Please keep Pete (Opilla) and I informed of the progress on a regular basis," Ciasullo instructed Ross. "Our objective is to be done with the residential installations as soon as possible, definitely before the end of summer. In addition to the water meter installations, repairing several broken valves also part of the town's water-related improvement projects.

    The water meters take only about 20 minutes to install. The borough's residents will ultimately reap the benefits of the program through more accurate usage readings, detection of any leaks, and a more efficient billing process.