Ogdensburg to prepare housing loan documents

Ogdensburg. The Borouch Council authorized the borough clerk and attorney to prepare subordination housing rehabilitation loan documents.

| 02 Dec 2019 | 04:20

The Ogdensburg council unanimously resolved to allow the borough clerk and attorney prepare subordination housing rehabilitation loan documents and charge an outside bank the attorney’s hourly rate.

Regarding a lien, Borough Attorney Robert McBriar explained, the refinance loan amount is less than the amount outstanding, and housing programs have different program requirements, depending on the original loan.

Mayor George Hutnick said speeding issues still exist on Passaic Ave. and Plant Street. He proposed the possibility of permanent speed bumps low enough for plows to travel over in residential areas.

Officials discussed possibly using grant money for Plant Street. Hutnick said they still have two years to determine their plans for the grant money.

Police Chief Stephen Gordon said state statute allows speed bumps on roads with less than 30 miles-per-hour and less than 3,000 vehicles per day. He recommended conducting a traffic study, having the engineer design the speed bumps in order to avoid liability if an accident occurs, and posting proper signage.

Plant Street, he continued, is a municipal to municipal street, however, because Passaic connects with another township, they would need to coordinate plans with Sparta.

Gordon also said through his contacts, he could research possible traffic study evaluators, in order to determine maximum speeds and vehicle count by hour.

Chief Financial Officer Michael Marceau said VanCleef Engineering also has a traffic engineer who might be covered under the grant.

Other business

Council President Michael Nardini said both water pumps are on-line and serviced; and both water tanks are fully operational. Nardini also said he is preparing to have the tanks’ interiors inspected.

Councilman Anthony Nasisi said large holes in the salt shed roof were fixed. Currently, he added, they are collecting quotes in order to place lathes and then a tin roof.

Public comment

Friends of Heaters’ Pond representative Greg Hetman proposed donating two picnic tables to the pond. He said they would work with local sponsors and businesses to donate materials.

Officials agreed to his proposal.

Councilwoman Brenda O’Dell asked the council for a list of needed donations for other improvements at Heater’s Pond and offered to also help contact local businesses.