Ogdensburg council members begin new terms

Ogdensburg. The two members of the Borough Council were sworn in for new terms and the borough also swore in a new police officer.

| 06 Jan 2020 | 03:11

Two members of the Ogdensburg Borough Council were sworn in on Jan. 2, while the borough also announced a new police officer.

Richard J. Luthcke was appointed as an Ogdensburg police officer and took his Oath of Office.

Police Chief Stephen Gordon said Luthcke starts Jan. 13 at the Police Academy. Furthermore, Gordon said, Luthcke grew up in Ogdensburg, and no one said anything negative about him during his background check.

Additionally, Councilwoman Brenda O’Dell and Councilman Anthony Nasisi took the Oath of Office for three-year terms.

Mayor George Hutnick said the borough of Ogdensburg achieved their goals and will continue forward in 2020.

Council President Michael Nardini was again unanimously appointed Council President. Councilman John Cruz was absent.

The council also unanimously appointed O’Dell to be responsible for Parks and Recreation; and Cruz will work with Nardini on DPW and Water.

O’Dell said the Friends of Heater’s Pond Winter Fest will be held Jan. 18th, at Heater’s Pond, with a snow or ice date on Jan. 25.