No ‘virtual snow days’ at High Point Regional

| 27 Nov 2021 | 06:34

Snow days are back in play for New Jersey students.

The High Point Regional High School Board of Education introduced the Emergency Virtual or Remote Instruction program, which prohibits virtual learning on snow days unless certain conditions are met.

“Apparently the governor said we would not have virtual snow days,” school board member Deborah Anderson said.

The only way the district can have virtual learning is if it’s an emergency closure, or if the school is closed for three days in a row.

“So, I think it’s important the community knows that if it’s snowing, your kids have the day off,” Anderson said. “There is no virtual snow day.”

Superintendent Scott Ripley said if the school is closed for three consecutive days by local determination and not based on a state of emergency, the state may not accept that as acceptable for virtual learning.

“So, the old days of snow days are back in play,” Ripley said.

School board member LeAnn Smith said many people lose power and Internet access during a snowstorm, so it would be difficult to expect remote instruction to take place.

“And that environment is probably only half the class would show up or be able to attend,” Smith said. “So, I think it makes sense for us, and the teachers as well.”