Jean Murphy resigns from Vernon council

Vernon. Murphy is now serving her second term, which is due to end at the end of 2021. She was was first elected to the township council in 2013, and for three years served as council president.

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| 05 Jan 2021 | 01:12

Vernon Township Councilwoman Jean Murphy has resigned, council Vice President John Auberger announced at last Friday’s reorganizational meeting.

Auberger read a brief letter from Murphy that he said was given to him the previous day.

“I have enjoyed serving the residents of Vernon township for the last seven years,” Murphy wrote. “Best wishes to all of you.”

The Murphy was serving was scheduled to end on Dec. 31, 2021.

“I’d like to thank her for her service and attention to detail,” said Vernon Mayor Howard Burrell. “Jean is a neighbor of mine, and while we haven’t always agreed, that is not a requirement to respect someone, and I do respect her.”

Murphy was elected to the township council on Nov. 6, 2013, gaining the third-most votes in the election and defeating former Councilman Eddie Dunn. Murphy was elected to her second term on Nov. 7, 2017.

She served as council president for three years, from 2017-19.

However, things got rocky in the November 2019 election, when she launched what turned out to be an unsuccessful bid for mayor. She came in a distant third in the 2019 mayoral race, finishing with 824 votes. Burrell and his opponent, Daniel Storey, were separated by 116 votes, 2,478-2,362, while Murphy garnered only 824 votes.

“We all know it can be difficult at times, but we go forward as best as we can,” said council President Harry Shortway.

The council has 30 days from the date of Murphy’s resignation to vote on a replacement. If the vote for the four remaining members is tied, the mayor will cast the deciding vote.

The replacement will serve until Nov. 2, when a new council member will be elected to finish the last two months of her term.