Indian Field residents say children’s safety is their main concern

| 05 Nov 2021 | 01:33

Hardyston. Homeowners at Indian Field objected to last week’s article, “Snow plowing to stop at Indian Field as residents object.”

They said it left out crucial points, including the “children’s safety was our utmost priority in our petition to Hardyston Township and it was also verbally addressed in the public forum at the Sept. 30 town council meeting. Improvement to our Indian Fields entranceway was requested for the safety of our children whose designated bus stop is at the busy intersection of State Highway 94 and Forest Hill Way.”

The petition was signed by 138 homeowners.

They say children are at risk because they are forced to wait in dangerous winter conditions, where ice and snow are not cleared and force them to stand in the roadway.

When the sidewalks are covered in uncleared brush, “children stand on this brush at their designated bus stop.” The brush also interferes with motorists’ line of sight as they are exiting Indian Fields.

For more details about the homeowners’ concerns, please see their letter on page 13.