High Point ups substitute teacher rate

WANTAGE. The school district went from $110 to $125 to be more competitive.

| 29 Jul 2022 | 01:56

The High Point Regional High School Board of Education on July 26 increased the rate for the school’s substitute teachers to $125 per day.

The school had previously paid substitute teachers $110, while the county average was $124.

Board of Education member and Chairperson of the Personnel & Policies Committee Gayle Tidona said with the recent substitute shortages, the school should make it more enticing for substitutes to work at High Point.

“We realized we were lower than the county average,” Superintendent Scott Ripley said. “That’s $124, so we moved it to $125. There are those who are obviously above the average. So, we thought, at least that puts us in a more competitive position.”

The Vernon Township School District raised it substitute teacher rates twice in 2021. The district raised its rate to $125, but then raised it again to $150 to match another area district.

“If we find out after a couple of months that it is still insufficient to entice sufficient numbers, we will consider increasing it,” Ripley said. “I don’t say that with cavalier intent because the cost at the end of the year is not insignificant. But we will see how the market dictates we should proceed. Right now, this is a good first step.”