High Point closes for 14 days after second student tests positive for coronavirus

Wantage. The superintendent said that because the two cases reported this week are likely unrelated, school officials decided to close the school so that custodial staff can thorough clean and disinfect the building.

| 24 Sep 2020 | 05:54

High Point Regional High School will be closed for 14 days, after school officials were informed of a likely second case of coronavirus, Superintendent Scott Ripley said on Thursday.

Because the two cases are believed to be unrelated, the district is suspending all in-person instruction and extracurricular activities until Wednesday, Oct. 7, Ripley said. Remote instruction will continue while schools are closed.

The decision was made by school officials. All areas of the building were closed so that custodial staff could thoroughly clean and disinfect the building.

The school was closed on Wednesday, Sept. 23, a day after the district was informed of its first case. Cohort A students returned to school on Sept. 24 before the school closed again.

In a letter to parents, Ripley said the school is investigating the latest coronavirus case in consultation with the Sussex County Department of Health. The investigation has so far revealed that the two cases likely cannot be traced back to a single origin.

Ripley said if the health department conducts contact tracing and determines no common event or origin links between the two cases, school districts are required to close. As of Thursday night, the health department has not conducted contact tracing, but may initiate it at its discretion.

Ripley said COVID-19 symptoms are like that of the seasonal flu and that parents of students exhibiting flu-like symptoms should contact a school nurse, local health authorities, or the Sussex County Department of Health.

“The district is closely monitoring this situation and will notify families if any additional actions will be taken in the near future,” Ripley said.

According to the Sussex County Department of Health, rapid-response tests are available at the following locations:
● URGIMED Urgent Care in Randolph: 973-891-1321
● PM Pediatrics in Pompton Plains: 973-616-5437
● Medemerge in Green Brook: 732-968-8900