Hardyston teachers laud Students of the Month

Hardyston. Students were nominated by their teachers for outstanding work, passion, and character exhibited during February.

| 25 Mar 2021 | 05:40

Staff, parents, and students gathered on Zoom recently to celebrate the amazing students nominated by their teachers as Students of the Month for February.

The community got to know more about these students at the school board’s March 9 meeting. The principal of Hardyston Elementary, Jennifer Cimaglia, announced the students from her school and read the letters from their teachers who nominated them. Mike Ryder, Hardyston’s chief school administrator, announced the middle school honorees.

Piper Skretkowicz, kindergarten

Piper’s teacher, Ms. Newsome, said: “Piper is one of a kind. She’s polite, respectful, and kind. A good friend to everyone and offers help whenever they need it. She loves to draw pictures and share them with her friends as well as her teachers. Piper will also try to cheer up the friend if they look sad. Learning is not always easy or maybe even fun sometimes and Piper demonstrates effort and tries hard and keeps trying even when she wants to just give up. She takes time with her work so she can be the best and doesn’t rush through anything. Once Piper accomplishes her work the smile on her face is contagious. Piper, keep up the good work and congratulations!”

Julian Romano, first grade

Julian’s teacher, Ms. Bonnie, said: “Julian has shown so much improvement this year and really matured. He works hard and always does his best work. Ms. Bonnie also wrote that Julian gives her a snack everyday as he loves sharing. He is always happy to be at school and always smiling. He wants to make sure everyone is happy as well and Julian will ask for help when he doesn’t understand something. Congratulations!”

Emma DeBree and Carly Incorvaia, second grade

Emma and Carly Incorvaia’s teacher, Mrs. Margarum, said, “For the first time I had to nominate two young ladies that equally deserve recognition for student of the month for February. Carly and Emma are two superstar kids. It is very rare to see such a bond of friendship at their age. They both are like rays of sunshine.

“They both work hard in class and always do it with enthusiasm and a smile. They are like Frik and Frak, Lucy and Ethel, peanut butter and jelly. They complement each other and are always kind, they encourage not only each other but the entire class. Both girls are sweet, caring and helpful. Emma and Carly are both a true joy to teach, love learning and are always positive. I am so lucky to have them in my class.”

Benjamin Drelick, third grade

Benjamin’s teacher, Ms. Healy, said: “If a person looked up the word perseverance in the Thesaurus one would find this: persistence, determination, tenacity, staying power, endurance and Benjamin Drelick. Ben, fondly known as Bennie to his little brother and family, Ben shows perseverance in everything he does from mastering his multiplication tasks in under two minutes, completing his writing assignments and his homework, and loves his favorite sport, hockey. He does his work because he has an intrinsic motivation. I am so proud of his kindness he shows to his classmates, the humor he shares with all of us, his contagious laugh and that big smile she can even see under his mask as I can see the twinkle in his eyes. I’m so proud of you Ben.”

Rachel Carr, fourth grade

Mrs. Romahn and Mrs. Corbett nominated Rachel. Mrs. Roman said: “Rachel really deserves this award. She is a constant example of hard work, a great attitude, perseverance, friendship and success. Rachel has everything it takes to succeed in whatever she puts her mind too. Job well done Rachel. You are a great role model.”

Mrs. Corbett said: “Rachel is the hardest-working student I have ever met. Her assignments are always completed and directions are followed to a T. They are done with 100% effort. She shows the utmost respect to not only her teachers but her fellow classmates as well. Rachel is such a pleasure to have in class. Congratulations to you Rachel. Great job.”

Reilly Irish, fifth grade

Reilly’s teachers said: “He is kind, is an excellent student, and tries his best in everything he does. Reilly has been working so hard all year to overcome all the challenges the school year has faced him with. His work is always done and he always participates in class. He has a level of honesty and intelligence that positively impacts others. He always provides meaningful feedback and is always cheering his classmates on. It really warms my heart hearing a student thanking me for supporting him. Reilly has improved in leaps and bounds. He truly brings a light to our class and is amazing to have. We are proud of Reilly and absolutely love having him in our class.”

Daniel Christensen, sixth grade

Daniel’s teachers’ said: “Daniel is being nominated for student of the month for several reasons. Daniel is always present whether he is in person or virtual. He is a smart young man wanting to learn new things. He is always an active participant in class whether it’s a hands on activity or class discussion. He wants to do well in school and his hard work shows that. He has a great sense of humor and he knows how to make us and his peers laugh and smile. Congratulations Daniel.”

Jailyn Moscoso, seventh grade

Jailyn’s teachers said: “Jailyn is a full virtual student and is new to the district. Both of these things are challenging to say the least but she has done an amazing job. She’s always asking questions in class, advocates for herself when she needs it, and is always friendly and welcoming to students. She has overcome and conquered obstacles. Congratulations Jailyn.”

Gabriella Kelly, eighth grade

Gabriella’s teachers said: “Gabby is always the most enthusiastic student in the room. There’s never a question if she’s ever on task. She shows a great work ethic, and displays a mature sense of responsibility. She readily engages with any topic at hand and seeks to find what’s the most interesting. She has even embraced the challenge of mask wearing by wearing her mask with a matching outfit each day. This puts a positive spin on the demand for social distancing.”