Hardyston schools celebrate Students of the Month and winner of Student Caring Award

Hardyston. At the May 11 virtual school board meeting, teachers, administrators, family, and friends applauded the middle and elementary students honored for outstanding work and character.

| 22 May 2021 | 01:50

Hardyston’s middle and elementary schools celebrated their April Students of the Month at the May 11 virtual school board meeting. The Student Caring Award for 2020-21 school year was also presented.

Students, parents, and teachers all attended the virtual celebration.


Jennifer Cimiglia, Hardyston Elementary School Principal, announced the students of the month from the elementary school:

Grade K — Weston Vinales

Mrs. Perry, Weston’s kindergarten teacher, said about Weston Vinales: “You are a dedicated friend and student. You come to school and you work hard every day and because of this you’ve shown so much improvement with your reading and writing. You are always focused and involved in every lesson. You raise your hand to participate and you prepare, and you follow directions the first time they are given. You’ve shown that no matter what you’re learning this year, whether at home or on the computer, you work hard in school, and it shows in your work. Weston is never afraid to ask for help when he needs it, and this shows me that you want to do the very best work possible. I’m so proud of the kindness that you show to your classmates, and you never hesitate to help a friend in need. Whenever a friend is struggling with classwork or leaves something behind, Weston is right there to lend a hand. He loves to ride dirt bikes and shares his love for them by telling his classmates how to make dirt bike trails out of playdough during recess. So proud of all the hard work that you’ve done this year. Keep up the great work! You’re truly a great role model to all of your friends.”

Grade 1 — Mason Jensen

Ms. Malloy said of her student Mason Jenson: “He exudes kindness in everything he does with his words and his actions. He’s a leader and a role model in the classroom. He’s always looking out for his classmates and always willing to help in any way he can. Mason’s gentle and caring manner for others is admirable. He’s always on task and working hard. He’s been working very hard this year in reading and writing and has grown so much in first grade. He gives every task his best effort and his hard work shows. I’m beyond proud of Mason and keep up the amazing work Mason. Congratulations!”

Grade 2 — Emma Napovier

Miss Meyer, Emma Napovier’s teacher, said, “You are a role model student in class. Not only are you kind and respectful, but you are a hard worker too. You are always on task no matter what the class is doing. She always shows an interest in the topics we’re working on. She’s enthusiastic and loves to ask questions about what she’s learning. This helps her learn and it also helps the rest of the class, including Miss Meyer learn beyond the lesson. Even if something is hard for her she does not give up. Her reading skills have skyrocketed. Her math practice has flourished. Everything we have started Emma has grown in. Emma is always prepared and on time for virtual days. Emma is fair and helpful to her friends and has a warm and welcoming presence that makes us all happy. I love having Emma in my class. Good job Emma!”

Grade 3 — Kayla Stanton

Mrs. Hall, Kayla Stanton’s teacher, said, “You do a great job being involved in the classroom activities. You always have a positive attitude and strive to be the best you can be. Kayla is fun to have in class because she always has a smile on her face. You are enthusiastic about reading books and share all of the great stories with your classmates, and you encourage them to be good readers too. Kayla is always wanting to help out with any tasks that Miss Hall has for her. She has worked virtually and in class, and no matter where you are working, Kayla, you always give 100%. It’s been exciting to watch you grow as a student. Keep it up Kayla and way to go! Congratulations!”

Grade 4 — Sierra Jenkins

Sierra was nominated by two teachers. Mrs. Romahn, Sierra Jenkins’s teacher, said she “has the absolute pleasure of having Sierra in her class, both as a first grader and a fourth grader. Sierra isn’t just a great candidate of student of the month, she’s a great candidate for student of the year. Sierra exhibits every quality that we look for in this award. She is an amazing role model and is always helping her peers. Sierra puts in 150% effort with wonderful results. She excels in all of her subjects because of the work and care that she puts in. There couldn’t be a better recipient of this award. Sierra is going to do great things in her life. Great job Sierra! I am so proud of you and blessed to have you in my class.”

Mrs. Guarino, Sierra’s second teacher, said, “Sierra is so deserving of this award. She is an exceptional student who walks into the classroom each day eager and ready to learn. She always goes above and beyond and participates in all discussions. Sierra works so hard and it shows. She is always kind to others and will go out of her way to make sure that others don’t feel left out. She has a positive outlook, is responsible, respectful, and a great example to her peers. Sierra is a special young lady who will continue to do amazing things. Sierra is going to do great things in her life. Congratulations Sierra!”


Mike Ryder, chief school administrator announced the middle school Students of the Month:

Grade 5 — Luke Goldy

“Luke has attended school 100% virtually for this entire year up until the week of May 10,” Ryder said. “For him to get this award is a big deal. Luke’s teacher said Luke signs on to meets promptly, he’s engaged and is constantly participating. He is someone that his teachers can always count on to provide perspective and offer insight. Luke does all of this with a smile on his face and an impenetrable attitude. During this unprecedented and difficult time Luke continues to employ and share his positive attitude and energy with all his classmates even if it is through a screen. Congratulations Luke. You’re wonderful!”

Grade 6 — Samuel Tobachnick

Sam Tobachnick’s teacher said, “Sam is an exceptional student who is a positive role model for his peers. If another student in class needs help, Sam is the first one to offer assistance. Sam even helps his teachers when technology is not cooperating. Sam is kind, funny, caring and has the drive to do well in all areas of his school work. Sam is truly a pleasure to have in class. We look forward to seeing what he will achieve in the future because we know he will do great things!”

Grade 7 — Ian Philback

A teacher said of Ian Philback: “I actually do not have Ian as a student in my class, but I frequently interact with him between classes when I am on hall duty. Ian will always make a point to stop and ask me how my day is going, tell me about his weekend, or simply make me laugh by telling a joke. He will even wave to me in the parking lot as his bus goes by. Ian is kind, polite, and always displays a positive attitude. I look forward to seeing Ian and having a conversion with him each day because I know he will brighten my day. Congratulations Ian!”

Grade 8 — Tiziana Maldonado

“Tiziana is a polite, respectful, and courteous student,” said Ryder. “She is often seen helping others and she works very well on a team. Even if something is difficult Tiziana does not give up and will put forth a lot of effort. She is also a very giving person and displays good morals and values. She’s an excellent role model to everyone here at Hardyston. Congratulations!”


Troy Zummo

Ryder said each year the guidance counselors group in Sussex County presents the Student Caring Award. For the 2020-2021 school year, the faculty picked Troy Zummo.

“Troy is an eighth grade student who shows empathy, compassion, caring and shows all those virtues that they hold dear to their heart, and this year those qualities are more important than ever,” said Ryder. “Troy is awesome. There were several students that the faculty talked about who should win this award, but when Troy was suggested everyone’s face lit up. Troy is a guy who during the last four years in the course of middle school has stuck up for his friends, has never shied away from putting himself out there if it means helping out a friend.”

Ryder said Troy is one of his first greeters in the morning. “He will be the first to say, ‘Hey Mr. Ryder, how’s the wife doing?’ I say, ‘Thanks Troy, she’s doing all right, and I’ll give her your best.’ He’s such a little man, he’s so respectful, and he’s such a good kid. I’m so happy for him for winning this award.”

All the students were congratulated and applauded for their successes.