Hardyston school board honors Students of the Month for February

Hardyston. Their teachers explain why these students are so special.

| 22 Mar 2022 | 06:23

The Hardyston Township school honored the February Students of the Month at their March meeting.

Jennifer Cimaglia, principal at Hardyston Elementary, announced the following honor students from her school:


● Jaxson Leon — Mrs. Demczak, school counselor, nominated Jaxon Leon. Demczack said that Jackson is “a sweet young boy who has excellent listening skills. Jaxson helps his friends when they need help. He is kind, understanding and has wonderful traits.”

Grade 1

Jenacy Santana — Miss Malloy said Jenacy is a great role model. She is always learning and participating in class. “She is kind, courteous, well mannered, and has been working hard all year. She has grown as a reader and a writer. Jenacy is a great pleasure to have in class. Way to go girl.”

Grade 2

Lily Altieri — Mrs. Meyers said Lily has mastered her second step skills. Lily “asks for help when needed and makes a point to reiterate the teacher’s points and she is never afraid to ask for help. She works hard in class and always asks questions about strategies for the second step.

Grade 3

Jeremy Lorenzo — Jeremy’s teacher Mrs. Healy said Jeremy is a hard worker. “He’s empathetic and has very kind ways. Healy explained that one time Jeremy won a raffle and saw a student in his class that was upset that the student didn’t win and Jeremy brought his prize to the student that was upset. “That student will never forget Jeremy’s act of kindness.” Healy also said that Jeremy makes her smile, shows a positive attitude towards his learning: “Thank you for being you, and I’m proud of you.”

Grade 4

Jonathan Katzenstein — Jonathan’s teacher, Mrs. Romahn said that Jonathan “is an amazing person and student. He is self motivated and perseveres no matter what. He creates smiles and has a feeling of a can do attitude. Jonathan sees a way to solve problems in a win-win manner.” Mrs. Roman said “Great job! You’re an inspiration to us all!”

Superintendent Mike Ryder announced the students of the month for the higher grades:

Grade 5

Connor Duffy — His teachers said “Connor is dependable, trustworthy and amazing. He shows up with a smile and he works hard to meet his obligations. We truly know he is reliable.”

Isabella Luciano (January Student of the Month) — Isabella’s teachers said she “is a kind, patient, enthusiastic and determined student. Her teachers and peers know she is eager to help and exudes positivity. She carries a flame of passion to learn. She’s a beautiful example of what a lover of books should look like!”

Grade 6

Derek Fleming — Derek’s teachers said he is “a responsible, dedicated and hard working student. He actively seeks out teachers, is a conscientious person, and he always wishes teachers a good rest of the day. He is always respectful to teachers and students.”

Grade 7

Jackson Psaroudis — Jackson’s teachers said Jackson is a very kind, helpful student. He truly enjoys making students feel better. When he’s asked to partner up with another student in science class, he always asks his partner questions and offers help.”

Grade 8

Destiny Cerracchio — Destiny’s teachers said she “has the best smile when she walks in the room. She is a ray of sunshine. Destiny is caring, polite, friendly, and always says hi and thank you to her teachers. Her teachers appreciate her hard work that she does day in and day out. She stands out in a crowd.”

The students were given Certificates of Achievements, and their parents and all who were present celebrated their accomplishments.