Hardyston resident crowned Miss New Jersey Princess

HARDYSTON. Five-Year-Old Madison Wertz now moves to nationals, vying for the ‘Queen of Distinction’ title.

| 22 Jul 2022 | 04:59

Madison Wertz, of Hardyston, was recently crowned American Royal Beauties Miss New Jersey Princess. Wertz Is 5 years old and is attending the Reverend Brown School this fall as a kindergarten student.

Despite her young age, Wertz has accomplished a lot, including collecting supplies for Father John’s Animal House, and coloring books and crayons for the children at the Children’s Hospital of NJ. She has also participated in park cleanups throughout Sussex County, donated books to the Sussex County Library System, and held a diaper and wipe drive for babies in need.

She has done several collections for her favorite organization, Benny’s Bodega, right here in Sussex County. According to her family, she found out about Benny’s last year and has been donating to them ever since. Benjamin Davey, of Benny’s Bodega, reportedly calls her the Bodega Princess.

But her list of accomplishments and activities doesn’t end there. Wertz is also a Daisy scout, dancer, and loves doing arts and crafts and collecting football cards. She is the proud graduate of Sussex-Wantage Preschool and loves to go to her favorite restaurant, Granny’s (Hamburg), for the smiley face pancake a few times a week.

Wertz is headed to the nationals in Ohio July 30 to compete against girls from 4 to 6 years old all over the country. Her goal for this pageant is to win the optional title offered, called Queen of Distinction. This title is for girls in the 0 to 6 age group who receive the most votes. The attraction to this title is the fact that the winner gets to choose her charity of choice to donate the winners to. For Wertz, that charity would be... you guessed it... Benny’s Bodega. She wants to help the Benny’s Bodega crew provide basic items to even more people in need. People can vote for Wertz at arbpageants.com/product-page/madison-wertz.