Hardyston adopts 2022 budget

Hardyston. The Hardyston Township Mayor and Council’s municipal budget for 2022 calls for no tax increase.

| 09 May 2022 | 12:38

The Hardyston Township Mayor and Council on April 27 adopted the 2022 annual municipal budget.

The 2022 budget resulted in a zero dollar increase to the municipal portion of the tax rate. An increase in the ratable base allowed for increases to appropriations while allowing for a 1.7 percent increase in the tax levy and a 0% increase on the rate.

“It has long been the philosophy of the Hardyston Township Council that maintaining a stabilized tax rate for the Township is one of their primary goals,” Township Manager Carrine Piccolo-Kaufer said. “Through careful fiscal planning, the 2022 budget achieved a stable tax rate while providing essential services and improving roads and municipal facilities.”

Municipal appropriations for salaries and wages and operations increased by 2.17 percent. In addition, the 2022 capital budget increased by $407,474.68 allowing for additional capital improvements to municipal facilities. This increase reflects the funding from the federal COVID-19 American Rescue Plan and has no impact on the municipal tax rate.

This year’s revenues, excluding property tax revenue, increased by 2 percent. Additional revenue sources included construction fee revenue, cell-tower lease revenue, municipal court fines and fees, interest income, solar renewable energy credits, quarry license fees, and share service agreement revenue.

Hardyston Township has actively engaged in and maintained more than a dozen shared service agreements with neighboring municipalities resulting in nearly $1 million in additional revenue, which helps offset the costs of operations. In addition to the changes in revenue and appropriations, Hardyston realized a significant increase in total property from new construction activity.