Future Business Leaders compete in virtual state conference

Hamburg. Wallkill Valley members won first place in a number of categories, including Outstanding Chapter 51+ Members, March of Dimes, Largest Chapter Professional Division, Local Recruitment of Middle Level Chapters, and Community Service Challenge – Wallkill Valley. Riley Cunniffe won the $3,000 first place Honors Scholarship.

| 15 Jun 2020 | 04:17

The Wallkill Valley Regional High School Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) recently competed in the state conference, which was held virtually because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The New Jersey FBLA State Leadership was to be held at Harrah’s in Atlantic City in March. It was redesigned as a virtual conference, with members conducting “Operation: Excellence” while engaging in a “World of Opportunity.”

Wallkill Valley members participated in the following events, winning awards, scholarships, and honors:


• Battle of the Chapters – Jack Lally, Joey Mueller, Ricky Limon

• Community Service Project – Danielle Fetzner, Madison Pellicier

• Future Business Leader – Riley Cunniffe

• Introduction to FBLA – Emily Carey, Keira Goolsby, Joey Mueller

• Job Interview – Renee Rizzo, Katie VanderWiele

• Local Chapter Annual Business Report – Brian Hall

• Public Speaking – Ricky Limon

• Partnership with Business Project – Annalisa Caldera, Isabelle Stecher

• Scholarship – Riley Cunniffe

• Scrapbook – Joey Mueller

• Who’s Who in FBLA – Riley Cunniffe

• Candidate for State Office – Danielle Fetzner


• Gold Member Award – Joey Mueller

• Gold Officer Award – Danielle Fetzner

FBLA Members of the Month

• September – John Spadora

• October – Katie VanderWiele

• November – Madison Pellicier

• December – Joey Mueller

• January – Brian Hall

• February – Annalisa Caldera

• New Jersey FBLA December Member of the Month – Joey Mueller

Honors and scholarships

• Who’s Who in FBLA – Riley Cunniffe

• Honors Scholarship – Riley Cunniffe, first place, $3,000 recipient

• Future Business Leader – Riley Cunniffe, third place

• Partnership with Business Project – Annalisa Caldera, Isabelle Stecher, second place

• Battle of the Chapters – Jack Lally, Ricky Limon, Joey Mueller, second place

• Intro to FBLA – Joey Mueller, second place

• Scrapbook – Joey Mueller, second place

• Outstanding Chapter 51+ Members – Wallkill Valley, first place

• March of Dimes – Wallkill Valley, first place

• Largest Chapter Professional Division – Wallkill Valley, first place

• Local Recruitment of Middle Level Chapters – Wallkill Valley, first place

• Community Service Challenge – Wallkill Valley, first place

• Gold Seal Award of Merit – Wallkill Valley, Honors

• Outstanding Local Chapter Adviser – Mrs. Carol Jurkouich, Honors

Danielle Fetzner ran an outstanding campaign for a position on the 2020-2021 New Jersey FBLA State Officer Board. The state honored the Wallkill Valley Business Person of the Year, Mrs. Natasha Wright-Cunniffe from Legoland New York, and the Wallkill Valley Volunteer of the Year, Mr. Robert Gunderman, FBLA parent.

The state also recognized those Wallkill members who participated in the Business Achievement Awards Program:

• Future – Jack Lally, Alexa Letelier, Madison Pellicier, Andrea Piedrasanta

• Business – Dharmil Bhavsar, Danielle Fetzner, Madison Gunderman, Ricky Limon, John Spadora

• Leader – Riley Cunniffe

The National FBLA Community Service Award was presented to Riley Cunniffe, who accumulated 500-plus community service hours over her four-year high school career. Wallkill was recognized for Chapter Challenge by participating in Super Sweeps, Non-Stop November, and Action Awareness, activities that promote the FBLA opportunities and develop leadership skills.

National Leadership Experience

The FBLA National Leadership Conference scheduled for June 29-July 3 in Salt Lake City, Utah, has been redesigned for a virtual National Leadership Experience. The following Wallkill Valley FBLA members are currently competing:

• Future Business Leader – Riley Cunniffe

• Introduction to Business Communication – Dharmil Bhavsar, Charlotte Gough

• Introduction to FBLA – Keira Goolsby, Brian Hall, Joey Mueller

• Partnership with Business Project – Annalisa Caldera, Isabelle Stecher