Franklin mayor absent since October

Franklin. Common Council Borough PResident called for the resignation of Mayor Nicholas Giordano, who has been absent since Oct. 22. John M. Sowden, IV, will be sworn in as mayor on Jan. 1

| 02 Dec 2019 | 02:58

Franklin Common Council President Stephen Skellenger read aloud a statement on Tuesday, Nov. Nov. 26, calling for Major Nicholas Giordano to “please resign immediately.”

“As many of you are aware the mayor has not been present since Oct. 22. It is widely believed he has moved to South Carolina and abandoned his duties," Skellenger said.

Other council members said they have had to compensate for his lack of participation in the borough’s needs and it has become especially challenging when documents need to be signed.

Skellenger asked Attorney Robert McBriar to research legal options and whether the office can be declared vacant. McBriar was filling in for Borough Attorney John Ursin, who regularly attends the meetings.