Four candidates seek two Sussex County Commissioner spots

SUSSEX COUNTY. Early voting runs from October 29 through November 6, with election day on November 8.

| 31 Oct 2022 | 03:27

On November 8, Sussex County voters will have the opportunity to choose from four candidates for two open Sussex County Commisioner seats. Camila DiResta and Damaris Lira are running on the Democrat line while Jill Space and William Hayden are running on the Republican line. Each candidate provided brief statemetns explaining their positions and goals.

Camila DiResta

I’m running for Sussex County Commissioner to be a voice for those who need to be heard. I’m a minority, a woman and I’m here to fight for inclusivity for all. I want Sussex County to be a comforting home to all residents and visitors. A place no one has to be scared to be who they are.

I believe this county has a lot of beauty to offer us all but it has been neglected for a long time.

I pledge to do what I can to connect and work with the Commissioners of Sussex to think forward in our infrastructure. Which includes getting this county with fast, reliable internet. Fund our county’s parks, make them more inviting, clean and safe. Focus on our future, the education of our county’s children.

Damaris Lira

I have been a paralegal for over 20 years across many disciplines of law and currently work in legal affairs at a hospital system. I’m a prolific volunteer, having spent my time among many non-profit organizations including Volunteer Lawyers for Justice (landlord/tenant clinic and divorce clinic), the RACHEL Coalition, Kids in Need of Defense, Habitat for Humanity, Autism Speaks, Equine Tranquility Wellness Center, and New Jersey Election Protection. I currently sit on the Sussex Borough Economic Development Committee, the Sussex Borough Planning and Zoning Board, and the Sussex Borough Community & Cultural Events Advisory Committee.

Sussex County has consistently low political engagement and voter turnout for Democrats and Independents. To me that means that a fair percentage of Sussex County voters do not feel that prior candidates have represented their best interests. I am committed to serving all of the people of Sussex with common sense leadership, preserving and restoring Sussex County’s beautiful lands and historic buildings, and inspiring residents and businesses, new and old, to invest, renovate, and invigorate our communities. Recognizing the trust that would be placed in me by Sussex County residents, I will provide a results-focused approach to Sussex County’s long-ignored problems by creating an atmosphere of teamwork and results-driven focus for all of our communities. The Commissioner Board will be used as a platform to listen to residents and to join the forces of all towns in Sussex County to solve the common issues that have used divisiveness as an excuse for inaction. The Commissioner Board should reflect the population of Sussex County and my goal is to be the type of candidate that makes voting exciting again.

Jill Space

I was raised here in Sussex County. I grew up in both Franklin and Wantage. I graduated from High Point Regional High School in 1990. I still live Wantage. I married my high school sweetheart, Parker, and we have three grown children and a grandson. I am running for Sussex County Commissioner to keep Sussex County affordable. As a mother, grandmother and small business owner I understand the struggles families and businesses face here not only in Sussex County but throughout the state. I am very concerned about the ever-rising tax increases and looming inflation. In April, I was selected via convention to fill out the remainder of a vacated seat on the Sussex County Commissioner Board. I was just appointed to serve on the county’s Budget Committee. Being a small business owner, I know how to budget finances. I will keep a keen eye on the county’s spending therefore protecting your tax dollars. I plan on working with the county and municipalities to use and explore as many shared services as we possibly can. I will work with our state legislators to help cut as much red tape as we can for businesses that want to establish themselves here in Sussex County which in return will help establish more positive tax ratables.

As liaison to Health and Human Services, I will continue to work alongside the department to protect the most vulnerable, our seniors and our veterans.

I am pro-life. I support the Second Amendment. I am a proud daughter of a Vietnam veteran. I support our law enforcement and first responders!

I pride myself on being accessible to my constituents as I work for you! I can be reached via email at or stop by my business, Space Farms Zoo & Museum.

William Hayden

Having led a successful career the last two decades leading state level infrastructure programs which required intimate understanding of local municipalities needs, and witnessing first-hand the difference between effective and ineffective government, I’m running for county commission to bring about good, efficient and productive management of taxpayers resources. Good government secures our safety and property and facilitates our financial prosperity. I will cut waste, direct spending to improve the economy, and increase the performance of our county services.