Elisabeth Schuman appointed to High Point school board

| 15 Jul 2021 | 03:11

Wantage. The High Point school board filled its vacancy on June 29 by appointing Elisabeth Schuman of Wantage to serve until the end of the year.

Schuman is replacing Bill Kehoe, who resigned from the board on March 25. His term was due to end on Dec. 31, 2022.

Schuman is the mother of four. Her oldest child just graduated from the high school. Two of her children are still enrolled at High Point, and another will start school in several years.

For the past five years she’s worked at a charter school in Sparta. Before that she served as a case manager at Project Self Sufficiency. She started her career teaching at a technical high school.

“We care about High Point a lot,” Schuman said. “We were out of district for my eldest daughter’s first two years, and we made a school choice to come to High Point for the excellent teachers, programs, and electives. We had a connection to the district.”

She will have to run in November to fill the remainder of Kehoe’s term. She said she has already filed the petition for her candidacy.