Dump site owner to pay for soil testing

Vernon. Superior Court judge said the state may file a complaint against the owner’s daughter, whose name the owner is accused of using to hide his assets.

| 10 Dec 2020 | 02:14

The owner of the dump site at 3 Silver Spruce Drive in Vernon Township will have to pay for soil testing after a Superior Court judge rejected his motion to have the state pay for it.

Judge Maritza Berdote Byrne approved the state’s filing a complaint against Wallace’s daughter, Mackenna, whose name Wallace is accused of using to hide his assets. Byrne also denied the state’s request to evict Wallace from his property.

Wallace was fined $58,500 after dozens of municipal violations were issued for the pile. Byrne tried to compel Wallace’s compliance by appointing a receiver to control all of Wallace’s assets until the matter was resolved. Retired court Judge James Rothschild was appointed receiver.

Wallace was facing 90 days in jail. But another Superior Court judge, David Ironson, ruled in September that Wallace only had to serve 90 days of community service and lowered his fines to $12,098.

Byrne did grant a motion by Wallace’s attorney, James Patti, to be relieved as counsel. Patti said he has been paid only a third of his owed legal fees and retainer. Patti still represents Wallace in a lawsuit against Vernon for injuries he allegedly suffered during his arrest in 2018.