DAR annoucnes 2014 award winners

| 15 Jul 2014 | 04:07

    The Chinkchewunska Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution recently announced the winners for outstanding work in American history and good citizenship.

    The students, selected by their teachers received the awards at their respective graduation and transition ceremonies.

    The following students won awards for oustanding work in American history: Madison Yodice (Franklin), Jacob Fried (Hamburg), Sean Gindhart (Hardyston Middle School), Andrew Revoredo and Gabby Dillstrom (Lafayette Township), Chelsea Horuzy (Ogdensburg), Michah Kuiken (Sussex Christian), Justin Oestrich and Nicholas Hough (Sussex County Charter School) and.Matthew Castillo (Sussex Middle School).

    The following students won awards for outstanding citizenship: Manob Lamlamay, Jr. (Franklin), Gabrielle Maschuch (Hamburg), Christopher Mascarelli (Hardyston Middle School), Talia Jean Borkowski (Immaculate Conception), Trisha Peterson and Elizabeth Burghart (Lafayette Township), Cameron Gec (Ogdensburg School), Brian Van Grouw (Sussex Christian), Olivia Wolza dn meghan Waltner (Sussex County Charter School) and Samuel Wolthoff (Glen Meadow Middle School).