Claremont Adult Daycare charged with illegally housing elderly dementia patients

Byram. The owner-operators of the unlicensed facility were charged with endangering its clients and deceptive business practices.

| 04 Oct 2021 | 06:20

The Byram Detective Bureau initiated an investigation at the Claremont Adult Daycare Center after receiving a notification that several elderly patients who appeared to have dementia did not appear to be well.

The investigation began on June 9 at the center, which is located at 238 Route 206 in Byram Township. Township construction officials made the observation while conducting a routine inspection of the facility.

The bureau also received information that, at the time of inspection, the current business operating the facility did not have a certificate of occupancy to run a business.

Out of concern for the residents’ welfare, exigent circumstances and in a community caretaker status, the Byram Police and members of the Sussex County Prosecutor’s Office White Collar Crimes Unit responded to the location. They arrived with emergency services personnel and additional social workers from the Sussex County Division of Social Services to assess the status of the patients.

All of the elderly dementia patients found on the scene were either assessed and sent back home with their families or sent to the Newton Medical Center for additional medical treatment and placement. The officials determined that the patients found at the facility were permanent residents even while the building was not approved for that type of use.

Additional investigative resources were requested from the New Jersey Office of the Attorney General Division of Consumer Affairs.

As the investigation evolved, investigators learned that the facility was unlicensed in the State of New Jersey to operate an adult daycare facility, assisted living facility, or nursing home.

The owner-operators of the facility, Fe M. Caliolio and Yolando M. David, were charged with the following offenses or conspiracy to commit the following offenses for housing nine elderly dementia patients at an unlicensed facility in Byram Township: Endangering the Welfare of an Incompetent Person, Causing or Risking Widespread Injury, and Deceptive Business Practices.

If there is any additional information from a member of the public who has been a victim of a financial related crime perpetrated by the above listed defendants, please contact the Byram Township Detective Bureau at (973) 347-4008 or the Sussex County Prosecutor’s Office White Collar Crime Unit at (973) 383-1570.