Area girl makes fifth hair donation

Franklin. Danielle Weis has made her fifth donation of 10 inches of hair to benefit Children with Hair Loss. She was assisted by her friend, Ashley Burghardt of Montague.

| 02 Jan 2020 | 03:50

Danielle Weiss has donated 9 inches of her hair to Children With Hair Loss with the help of her friend Ashley Burghardt of Montague.

This is Danielle's fifth donation and a total of 50 inches.

Once again, Danielle has made this selfless act of love in honor of 2 very important women in her life who have inspired her to become a teacher.

Janice Rogers her 1st grade teacher who is over 10 years cancer free and Melanie Bailey ,her second-grade teacher who has since died.

Weis is a sophomore at The College of New Jersey studying Early Childhood Education and History.