Area attorneys return $5M verdict

| 21 Mar 2019 | 03:23

    SPARTA — An Essex County jury returned a $5 million verdict in favor of plaintiffs Bernard and Ann Sklar of Livingston against Wells Fargo Bank and Martin O’Boyle Landscaping, Inc., in a case involving Mr. Sklar’s slip and fall on ice at the Livingston branch of the Wells Fargo Bank.
    The Sklars were represented by attorneys Andrew Fraser and Tiffany Heineman, of Laddey, Clark & Ryan, LLP in Sparta, NJ, and co-counsel Martin Liberman, Esq. of Morristown, NJ. Hon. Thomas Vena, J.S.C. presided over the case.
    Mr. Sklar slipped and fell on clear ice that formed due to gutter drainage issues causing water to cascade over the bank’s walkway and freeze. Mr. Sklar, who was 72 years old as of the date of his fall, suffered severe and permanent damage to his spine.
    “We are so thankful to the men and women from our community who took time out of their lives to serve as jurors in this case,” said Heineman. “The fact that they return to the courthouse day in and day out to help administer justice is not lost on us as we try our case.”
    The jury placed 90 percent liability on Wells Fargo Bank and 10% liability on Martin O’Boyle Landscaping, Inc.
    “It is clear the jury listened carefully to the evidence, followed Judge Vena’s instructions on the law, and did as best as they could to compensate Bernie and Ann for the damage inflicted upon their lives through no fault of their own,” said Fraser.
    The verdict included $4 million as compensation for Mr. Sklar’s pain, suffering, disability, impairment, and loss of enjoyment of life, and $1 million for his wife, Ann’s loss of consortium claim.