After voters say yes, Sparta to revisit ordinance banning marijuana

Sparta. The township council awaits a planning board review of the proposed ordinance.

Sparta /
| 19 Nov 2020 | 05:11

After New Jersey voters supported an amendment to the state’s constitution to legalize marijuana, Sparta Township Councilwoman Molly Whilesmith on Nov. 10 asked the council to consider putting it back on the agenda.

The township council had an ordinance that would have prohibited marijuana in all zones within Sparta. But Mayor Jerard Murphy, the liaison to the planning board, on Oct. 13 asked to table the ordinance because the planning board wanted to take more time to review it. “Now that we have a path forward and the planning board has the information it needs to go forward, the planning board can advise use,” Deputy Mayor Christine Quinn said.

Quinn said the council needs to get advice from the planning board, and that they could take it back up. She also said they “wanted to make sure what we’re proposing is consistent with the town’s master plan.”

About 67% of voters approved the ballot measure legalizing marijuana. The State Senate voted Monday to allow possession of up to six ounces of pot without penalty until full legalization in January. The measure has not yet passed the Assembly.