Little kids have big hearts when it comes to pets

| 22 Feb 2012 | 08:00

Photos and story by C.G. Moore Hardyston - Little Learners Preschool has been collecting supplies for Father John’s Animal House since the Feb. 1 and will continue through the month. Children and their parents have donated blankets, pillows, pet carriers, dog and cat toys, scratching posts, along with food and cat litter — all items from the shelter’s wish list. Five large bins of items have been collected at the preschool and collections continue to stack up. “I am happy to help the shelter and thrilled to involve the children and help them understand the importance of caring for animals,” said school owner Donna Holden. The preschoolers each brought in a photo of their own pets and told their classmates about them. “I have a dog named Pepper, and I like him to stay I want the dogs at the shelter to have blankets too,” said Billy Ward of Hardyston. “I want all the poor puppies to have nice, comfy pillows and lots of toys like my dog Kodo,” said Antonia Tucci of Vernon. The children all agree that the animals at the shelter should have food and hoped families would soon adopt them. Get involved To make a donation, adopt a pet or for information on volunteering, contact Father John’s Animal House in Lafayette at 973-300-5909.