Karate and PAL team up in annual charity tourney

| 21 Feb 2012 | 10:48

    vERNON-On June 13, students from throughout the area met to demonstrate their martial arts skills. The Vernon PAL once again hosted this year's annual Vernon Valley Karate Academy PAL Benefit Karate Tournament. Each year the Vernon Valley Karate Academy raises funds to benefit the local Police Athletic League. This year the school, along with the continued support of many local businesses and residents, raised approximately $4,000 to help the PAL to help local youngsters. Contestants ranging in age from 4-17 competed in three different karate events: Kata, the performance of prearranged karate techniques, Kumite, sparring between two students where points are awarded for effective and controlled punches and kicks, and Kobudo, arrangements of fighting moves using traditional Okinawan weapons such as the Bo staff, Sai and Nunchuku. During the summer and again in the fall, an introductory karate program will again be offered through the PAL. For more information, contact the Vernon Valley Karate Academy at 973-764-3104.