Heater's Pond to be stocked in stages

Ogdensburg. Mayor George Hutnick reported it will be stocked now and again in September.

| 04 Aug 2019 | 10:09

Heater’s Pond will be stocked in two halves — one now and the other in Septenber Mayor George Hutnick, reported on July 22.

Also, Hutnick said, per CFO Michael Marceau, the borough has the option to move water grant money to pay for weed control and then use allocated weed control funds for fish stocking.

Councilwoman Brenda O’Dell said the Dog Waste Station bags just arrived; and the DPW will put the stations up and take down the “No Dog” signs from Heater’s Pond.

Additionally, O’Dell said, the Friends of Heater’s Pond Town Garage Sale will be Saturday, Sept. 14., from the morning to mid-afternoon. She added, they will try to use the school parking lot, along with a town map for people who will sell items at their homes. Residents will be charged a fee to participate, she continued, and she hopes to have a concession stand.

Hutnick said they will run the plan by Police Chief Stephen Gordon.

Borough Attorney Robert McBriar said if the borough proceeds with allowing third party property storage at Heater’s Pond, every participant would be required to sign a release and hold harmless agreement. Furthermore, he said, the borough’s insurance policy may need to be amended to exclude property of boaters; and the insurance agent’s aquatics risk management plan would need to be updated.

McBriar said he also foresees possible problems with abandoned boat property.

Hutnick said he has been in discussions with the First Aid Squad, who requested a meeting after people return from vacations. During the meeting, he said, they will discuss membership issues and how the first aid squad and town can ensure they have enough people to make emergency calls.

Council President Michael Nardini asked about Wallkill Valley Baseball having access to the firehouse field, along with another group who rents the field during the year. He explained, Ogdensburg youth are involved in Wallkill Valley Baseball, and it would be beneficial for them to have access to a field that size.

Councilwoman Rachel Slater said the field is supposed to be rotated to all groups, including softball and Wallkill.

Nardini recommended Parks and Recreation offer open dates to Wallkill after finding out the schedule.

Slater said Wallkill should send a letter stating when they would like to use the field, along with their insurance and contact name.

Wallkill Valley Baseball President Brian Connolly said he would like the older kids to play more, including this fall, and the Ogdensburg Field is the only 60/90 field in the area.