Global Reach International acting locally to meet kids' entertainment needs

| 21 Feb 2012 | 10:48

    Sussex County-As if being the surrogate parents to 13 children were not enough, a group of Sussex County residents now wants to take on the entertainment needs of children nationwide. The residents, banned under the name of Global Reach International, have joint hands with the YMCA of Newark and Vicinity to establish an Olympic boxing camp in the heart of Sussex County. According to their plans, the camp would also include other sports as well as programs aimed not only at boxing hopefuls but to children in general. Initial plans call for the camp to handle some 300 children. The facility would be located on the grounds of the 200-acre Linwood McDonald YMCA Conference Center in Sandyston Township. Global Reach International is not new to service projects such as this one. The organization currently runs an orphanage in Nepal. The group raised all the money needed to establish the facility and continues to pay the monthly expenses to feed, cloth and educate some 13 children. For their new project, Global Reach plans to raise around $1.5 million, most of it from donations and grants. The money would finance the building of a new facility to house a boxing ring, a basketball court and three gyms. "We are on the initial stages, probably next week we are going to go to the township (for permits)," said Joe Stella, one of the organizers and owner of a local gym. ""We are going to present it to the township, it's pretty much up to them." The group is calling on the Sussex County community to help support their efforts. Organizers believe they can trim substantial amounts of the cost of the project by enlisting the help of local contractors and donations from area businesses. "Of course the price will come down if we can get some sponsors," said Stella. Until that happens, the group will continue with its drive to help children. To that effect, they are hosting a dinner and concert of music from the 50's. The event, which will take place starting at 4 p.m., Sunday Aug. 1, at Hillside Park in Andover Township, will feature the groups the Capris and the Dubs, with a special appearance by Desire, Creative Energy and the Chelsea Band. "Support Global Reach so we can continue our work to change children's lives for the best," said Stella, encouraging the community in general to come out to the musical event.