Franklin to hire zoning officer in anticipation of building boom

| 21 Feb 2012 | 10:49

    FRANKLIN-Recognizing both anticipated development and the centralized control of local need, the borough council issued unanimous approval last week that will create the position of zoning officer. In creating the position of a new part-time zoning officer, the borough will have a professional who will, among other responsibilities, investigate any possible zoning violations, "enforce all conditions" imposed by the planning and zoning boards, and also issue zoning permits. Previously, the borough had shared its zoning official(s) with Hardyston, one borough official said. The new position is being created in order to meet the demand by the borough's anticipated development, officials say. The zoning official will work about 20 hours a week; his salary has not yet been determined. Meanwhile, the council also voted to abolish the local assistance board. The board's duties, which had tended to the needs of families experiencing difficult circumstances, will be transferred instead to the count. Former borough clerk/administrator Rachel Heath had been a long-time member of the assistance board, acting as board director for many years, said borough councilman Dayne Hill, who also has been a member of the board. Also serving on the voluntary board were Cathy Gleason, Vera Reed, Aimee Zschack and Carol Crowley. "I wish I had been on it longer because they were the unsung heroes of Franklin," Hill said. "They did a lot of things with no recognition."